Electos Web Content Management System

Electos - the easy-to-use Web Content Management System!Electos is a web-based system for creating, maintaining, organizing and publishing website content.  It is a powerful, yet easy-to-use system that lets a diverse team collaborate to create great websites with a minimum of time and effort.

The Electos Studio offers unmatched ease of use without compromising the full capabilities of the web. Maintain existing - or create new pages as easily as you use Microsoft Word!

The Electos Publisher is a maintenance-free engine that takes care of navigation, scheduling publication as planned in the Studio, keep an extremely fast search-engine up to date and much more!

DataAccess.com, VisualDataFlex.com, and Electos.com are all examples of Electos-powered websites!

Electos is built for SEO!

View Data Access’ President & CEO Chip Casanave’s presentation, The Business of Being Found (PPT), that outlines important Search Engine Optimization strategies to consider for your website, and how Electos helps you to achieve your SEO goals fast & easy!